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ANDROID PROGRAMMING   (Click application below to view)
Tablets are the future form of Human Machine Interface.  Do you have an industrial application that you would like to have on an Android Tablet?  Maybe mobility is what you are looking for coupled with the familiarity of todays tablet computers.

Do you need to log data from your machinery?  We can interface a tablet application to any industrial equipment thru a variety of communication protocols, included but not limited to Serial Data, Bluetooth, WiFi, and OPC (PLC's).   Once connected we can store that data in an Excel spreadsheet (or other databases) for transfer to your desktop computer.

Do you have an IPAD or Microsoft Surface instead?  Talk to us about those platforms as well.

Below are a couple of applications done on the Android platform communicating to Weighing Systems for data collection.
Application #1

Beet Harvester Data Collection

Application #2

Front End Loader Data Collection

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