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Are you looking for a way to automate a weighing process in your facility?   We have the knowledge and background to help  you come up with a solution.  We can supply instrumentation to communicate with existing PLC or control systems or provide a Turn Key solution. 

Tank Filling Systems                                               Ethernet IP

Batching Systems                                                    Profibus

Conveying and Checkweighing                               Serial Communications                   and More...........
Tank Filling System

This is a Turn Key tank filling and batching system built and installed by BTO Controls.  Based on Recipe Recall, stored in the PLC, an operator can recall a recipe with multiple ingredients.   Once all ingredients are added to the tank a motor starter runs an agitator for mixing.

This system used a Hardy 6500 weigh instrument communicating to a Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC over Ethernet IP.
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